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F8: Facebook paves a 10-year roadmap with AI and AR key steps on the journey

Posted 1 year ago in Tech by Katie Byrne
Posted by Katie Byrne

You’d think we were approaching a sellout concert, the rock star drawing crowds of adoring fans, waiting in the rain to catch a glimpse of their hero. The concert, in this case, is F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference. The rock star is founder and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Coloring outside the lines for 1 billion users

The might of Facebook is evident: from the slickness of the registration process to the wealth of press and commentators scattered throughout the conference center.

Boasting more than one billion users globally, small businesses and enterprises alike feel Facebook’s impact every day.

As expected, AI and AR are huge themes for this year’s event. With a focus on how they will transform the camera into a platform using frames and effects, they plan to further empower users to be the narrators and authors of their experiences.

Why keep coloring inside the lines when you can blur the edges and be unique?

Right now, we know that reviews and commentary on Facebook are still important, but their focus on creating an experience users can share with friends and finding new ways to differentiate and personalize is growing at a rapid pace. This key social media theme isn’t just relevant to organizations that want to emphasize their unique selling point, it’s vital for resonating with consumers and influencers who have a desire to showcase something important to them.

Filters and frames are just the beginning — augmented and virtual reality are paving the way for more experiences that live offline to be woven into your digital online experience.  

Augmented and virtual reality will facilitate new ways for communities to form and come together.

Connectivity the new norm

More so than ever, we have a global community sharing what is important to them, and Facebook has ambitious goals to ensure that connectivity becomes the norm for everyone.

At F8, attendees are exposed to a technical world of Willy Wonka imaginings. The conference stretches the fabric of reality, taking attendees behind the scenes to witness the strings and pulleys that have propelled Facebook to become a data-rich platform that has changed the way we interact, consume, share and think.

The opening keynotes frame the future of Facebook, and how they have moved beyond the realms of a platform for the consumer to a portal that serves every need. Their ten year roadmap highlights satellites, drones, express wifi, telco infra, touch, AR Tech and Social VR.  

As Regina Dugan, the head of Facebook’s R&D division Building 8, noted at the final keynote of the event, as humans, “we’re wired to communicate and connect.” As we continue to absorb and consume in this evolving digital landscape, we become part of the narrative. No longer are we staring at the painting in the gallery or watching the film, we are designing.  

Header image courtesy of Facebook Newsroom. 

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