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Core strength tip from an entrepreneur wild about pilates

Posted 1 week ago in Small business by Isabella Couwenberg

Laura Mohi is passionate about health and fitness. She started her career as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor at a gym in Auckland, New Zealand. Only a few short months ago, she left the comfort of the gym to open her own studio, aptly named Wild Pilates.

On the hunt for a new challenge

Laura started in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, working from a popular gym in Auckland, New Zealand.

“It was a great place to start out,” she says. “I was able to develop my skills and confidence through teaching Pilates to a large gym base. It helped me learn how to best cater to a client’s wants and needs.”

After five years at the gym, Laura began to feel she’d outgrown the limited client base. Craving a new challenge, she decided to devote herself entirely to the niche market of Pilates. What’s more, she decided to open her own studio.

But Laura knew she couldn’t do it alone. “I’d always dreamed of having my own studio, but it seemed like such a far fetched idea,” she says. “It wasn’t until I started adding up the numbers that it looked like I could make it work.”

Realising she would need some financial backing from her bank in order to fulfil that dream, Laura started doing some planning and preparation.

The dream of opening up a studio

With the help of her accountant Matt from Navigator Accounting, Laura used her years worth of Xero data to put together a comprehensive financial plan. She presented an accurate, reliable picture of where her business was currently sitting – as well as a promising forecast of how much it could grow.

With such extensive fiscal planning in place, Laura had no trouble securing the finance she needed to start her business. It was now time to begin the hard job – getting the studio ready to open. In place of a much needed Christmas holiday on a beach, Laura spent her days indoors overseeing the setup of her stunning new studio.

“I won’t lie and say it was easy,” Laura says. “There were a lot of late nights and early mornings. But with the help of my partner Liam, and our builder Nic from The Fit Out Company, we managed to pull off what I thought was impossible.”

On 16 January 2017 Laura opened the doors to Wild Pilates and the bookings have been flowing in ever since.

Healthy body, healthy mind with Wild Pilates

The 9 to 5, desk-bound lifestyle many of us lead can be a great burden on the body. Lack of movement and lazy posture can cause tightness, muscle imbalances and lower back pain – owing mainly to underuse of the core.

The right exercises can alleviate this pain, as well as improve strength and stability. Here are Laura’s four favourite movements for developing a strong core:

Warm up – Ab prep

  1. Single leg stretch into obliques
  2. Double leg stretch
  3. Roll up
  4. High plank with single leg lift

Laura continues to love Xero, and has recently started using MINDBODY to aid in her online booking process.

New Zealand based readers can visit her Auckland studio at 88 Broadway, New Market. Book a class or private session at Wild Pilates via the website or for inspiring, beautiful pictures check out the Wild Pilates Instagram page.

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