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Nebula IT: Walking the walk with cloud

Posted 1 year ago in Small business by Ben Johnson
Posted by Ben Johnson

Sunbathing on a beach in Thailand is not where most people decide to start their own business. But Chris Pottrell knew it was the right decision. Coming from a traditional “break/fix” IT company he knew there was a better way. Chris’ passion for helping businesses move to the cloud was the driving factor to go it alone and set up Nebula IT.

Chris and his team in Bristol have embraced cloud technology and it has transformed their business. “We still offer ‘break/fix’, but it’s not our core service. In fact, the majority of our service and support is now done remotely.” Nebula IT is a certified Microsoft Partner that specialises in Microsoft cloud technology, helping businesses with support, communications, web development, security and more.

Nebula IT identified the growth of cloud-based Office 365 early on, which allowed them to deliver a suite of services around that core offering. Already an expert in his field and a trusted name, Chris was able to quickly start helping businesses and generating results.

Chris expects the same high standards at Nebula IT that he does of his clients, which is why he soon moved his own business to Xero. With a fully-open API, Xero talks to all the other software that Chris uses to run his business. Coupled with his IT expertise, Xero became a hugely powerful tool for Nebula IT.

“On day one we set up Sage One, which allowed us to do the basics. But within the first financial year we made the decision to swap to Xero. Even within that first year we saw the benefits”.  

Chris Pottrell, Managing Director, Nebula IT

After experiencing the benefits of Xero, Chris has started recommending Xero to his clients. He’s even built a service offering around implementing and supporting Xero for his clients.

“The open API that Xero offers was pivotal for some of our clients in making the jump. We’ve got clients that use Filemaker CRM, for example, which is really closed book. Xero being a cloud service and having that open API allows us to bolt the two together.”

So what do the next five years look like for Nebula IT? If you ask Chris, “I think Nebula will probably be five times the size it is now. I think we’re going to continue with the fantastic growth we’ve had, supported by our clients being accepting of the cloud and the services it has to offer”.

Learn more about how Xero is helping IT service providers and their clients.


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