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New to Xero Practice Manager for iOS – staff assignment

Posted 1 year ago in Product by Carlos Seguin-Lozano

You’re in a meeting with your team, discussing the particulars of a certain job. Instead of trying to remember which staff member you’ve delegated to which job and who’s supposed to be responsible for what task, you need a way of capturing and viewing this information instantly – right then and there.

Well, now you can, using Xero Practice Manager with the WorkflowMax for iOS! In the latest release of our iOS app for Xero Practice Manager users, you can now assign staff to jobs and tasks.

Don’t have the iOS app yet? Download here or get WorkflowMax for Android.

Assign a job

From the jobs screen, click into a particular job and view all details associated with it. See client details, current job status, any important dates, all tasks associated with the job and every staff member currently assigned to the job.

There are two easy ways to assign staff to a job – either by tapping “Assign staff” under the “Staff” section or by tapping the ‘+’ symbol on the top right of your screen.

Allocate staff to a task

In a similar way, you can allocate staff to a task by tapping their name. You’ll be able to see all already allocated staff in the main tasks screen too.

NB: Only assigned staff to the job can be allocated to a task.

To make any further changes you can also swipe to remove a name or tap ‘Reallocate staff’.

NB: You only will be able to make changes to staff allocation if your account settings, under the “time allocation” setting is set to ‘Task’ (otherwise it will be view only).

Removing Staff

It’s easy to remove staff from a job or task – just swipe left and tap ‘Remove’ or use the reassign/reallocate view.

NB: Allocated staff cannot be unassigned from a job and their name will appear greyed-out. If there are no allocated staff, there will be no “staff section” visible at all.

With the help of the WorkflowMax app, we’re very committed to making the Xero Practice Manager mobile experience the best it can be. Your feedback is extremely important to us and helps us prioritise further development, so please keep the comments coming. Keep an eye out for these features coming to Android soon!

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