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The nomadic lifestyle of today’s small business is the future

Posted 1 year ago in Small business by Ali Miller
Posted by Ali Miller

Affordable office space in bustling cities is famously hard to come by. Only last week, news reports broke that London’s Silicon Roundabout, famous for housing some of the UK’s most aspirational and innovative entrepreneurs over the past decade, has seen a 70% decline in new business openings. Some media even speculate that it’s linked to the soaring rent prices.

But many innovative entrepreneurs setting up shop in busy cities are finding value in shared workspaces. In fact, there’s been an 11% increase across the UK of centres offering flexible offices. These spaces are growing in popularity as entrepreneurs see potential in working in a space with like-minded people. Co-working spaces aren’t new to 2017. But with an uncertain Brexit transition on the horizon, they could take off. Flexibility may be the key for many small business owners in the near future.

How to be a NOMAD

With business flexibility in mind, NOMAD was born. They enable entrepreneurs to rent co-working spaces throughout the Greater London area on their online marketplace. Using NOMAD, you can even categorise by price, type, and cohabiters. According to the founder and MD, the company has experienced tremendous growth since its launch, highlighting the appetite for this kind of service.

As seen through the success of our customers all over the world, shared working spaces can be a major component in a thriving business. The future is in the cloud, which perfectly compliments the life of a business that isn’t rooted to one spot. That’s how these entrepreneurs will get a head start. They have the benefit of cloud technology from the start. As cloud technology grows, so will the ability to work from anywhere. We could see a major decline of traditional office settings in some industries.

The message to our innovators and entrepreneurs is not to see growth as a threat, but an opportunity. Adapt how you work, defy tradition, and pave your own way. You are the future.


If you’d like to see what a change of scenery can do for your growing business, NOMAD is offering all Xero for Startups customers £60 of starting credit. Follow this link to create an account on NOMAD’s website and the first time you make a booking the promo code will be added automatically. You can also save leftover credit for future bookings.

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