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Two-step authentication has arrived on iOS

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Two-step authentication (2SA) support for Xero for iOS is here following the release for Android in June.

On the back of Apple’s announcements last week, Two-Step Authentication for Xero for iOS verifies the identity of a customer logging into the Xero dashboard by requiring them to use their existing password and a second, unique code randomly generated by the Google Authenticator app on their smartphone. The additional authentication step makes it much more difficult for unauthorised people to access their Xero account.

If you’re not one of our mobile users you should enable this feature in Xero as phishing scams that attempt to steal account names and passwords are an ongoing issue for all online and financial services. It’s vital that businesses everywhere use these services to help keep their information secure.

Paul Macpherson, Xero’s Head of Security says ”Protecting our customers’ information and business data is our number one priority. Data security is an industry-wide issue that everyone needs to take seriously. Phishing scams that attempt to steal account names and passwords are an ongoing issue for all online and financial services, so it’s vital that businesses everywhere who use these services ensure they have strong authentication and keep their information secure.”

If you have 2SA enabled on your Xero account and login to Xero for iOS using your username and password, you will be prompted to enter your six digit authentication code generated by your chosen authentication app e.g. Google Authenticator.

Once you’ve passed the 2SA challenge, setting up either a security code or fingerprint will add another layer of security to the app and you won’t need to re-enter 2SA authentication codes to login.

If you decide to only use your Xero username and password to login, you will be prompted with the 2SA challenge each time you login. The same goes for when you have completely logged out and for new installs of Xero for iOS.

There are also lots of improvements to login and a invoicing, coming soon to iOS. Watch this space!


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Jordan Zoot
September 23, 2016 at 10.52 am

How about SAML 2.0 SSO…most serious business software has it by now.

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