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Online retailer focuses on Instagram partnerships to help drive growth

Posted 2 years ago in Small business by Marina Holmes
Posted by Marina Holmes

We asked Christy Hynd, co-founder of online retailer Little Maggie Moo, which creates handmade wearables for little ones, how she is preparing her business for the year ahead.

“We’re preparing for an Etsy market – that’s been one of our big jobs recently,” says Christy, who started the business with her mum.

“It’s a big job because we usually don’t keep stock,” she explains. “We make our products to order, which can be a tiring way to work, but it makes sense for our business”.


Trialing new brand affiliations on Instagram

The Melbourne-based company, which launched in December 2013, has been experimenting with different global affiliations across Instagram.
“We got involved with the gift guide of an American brand, called Live Sweet. We also participated in an organized shopping night through a different Instagram account,” Christy says.

“We all had coupon codes that people could use on our website during a four-hour period and it was a great success. We got a huge amount of orders – and found a different way to generate interest.”

New Year, new priorities

While Christy and Ansje enjoy a free-flowing approach to work, their holiday campaigns have marked a forward-thinking shift in their processes.

“Financially, we’re getting organized on Xero. It makes everything so much easier to pull together ahead of our second summer release,” says Christy.

“After that, the priority will be to sit down and look at the next season. We’ll need to come up with our direction and start ordering fabrics.”

“We’ve also decided to create more stock ahead of time in the new year,” she adds. “Some of the fabrics we started out with are still selling like hotcakes, so I’m going to take on more sewing so we have stock.”

For Christy, who is mum to two-year-old Maggie, the flexibility is ideal. “I can help ease the demand on mum without committing to any deadlines. I simply sew in my own time and pass them on – so mum, Maggie and I are all happy!”

The top three things I learned this month

  • Digital brand affiliations can be priceless
  • It’s okay to close-up the shop
  • It’s time to get more organized

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