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Save time and money on all your foreign currency payments

TransferMate Xero Add-onTransferMate helps Xero users to save time and money on paying international foreign currency invoices. By integrating directly with Xero, you can select your unpaid foreign currency invoices, view live exchange rates and book those payments. Payments are then instantly posted back to Xero saving you time and money.

Who is it for?

TransferMate is for any business that pays invoices in foreign currencies. You may be an Australian importer paying suppliers in US dollars or a New Zealand retailer paying suppliers in Germany in Euro.

How TransferMate works with Xero

TransferMate connects to your Xero account and searches for your foreign currency invoices. Through TransferMate you can book your foreign currency payments and TransferMate will send the payment details into Xero, marking your Xero invoices as paid, saving you the hassle of double entry.

Traditional banks often overcharge and under deliver on international payments. TransferMate saves customers on average 80 percent on international payments by offering lower wire/bank transfer fees and more competitive exchange rates than traditional banks.

Where you can use TransferMate

TransferMate is available in Australia, New Zealand, the US, the UK, Canada and Europe.

Try TransferMate Today

For more information or to register, check out the TransferMate website or contact their team.


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Accounts Payable
29 May 2014 #

Working with Transfermate was by far the most frustrating experience we have had in our accounting department (Xero being one of the best). We signed up for Transfermate about two months ago, but were rejected. No explanation was ever provided for the rejection. Each round of discussions and emails with Transfermate, their customer service department, compliance department, etc. regarding the rejection simply resulted in their reaffirmation of the rejection, while never providing an explanation. It became laughable when we’d ask for an explanation and would continue to receive a response such as “we agree with the original decision” – but never an explanation. We still don’t know why. We have impeccable credit and very solid financials (not that either matters since it’s a transfer from the company’s checking account, so no credit required). This was surprising given how great our experience with Xero and its partners has been.

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