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Solve360 – CRM that doesn’t suck

Posted 5 years ago in Platform by Ronan Quirke
Posted by Ronan Quirke
Solve360 Add-on Partner

Solve360 from Norada is more than just a traditional CRM – it works both as a contact management or CRM tool, and also as a project management application. It is organised around three key things:

1. Contacts – the people you work with such as leads, prospects, clients and suppliers
2. Project blogs – not blogs in the traditional sense, they are a place to organise important transactions, projects or anything else you might be working on that requires organizing.
3. The activities window pulls together milestones, tasks and events that are happening across contacts and projects – so everyone knows what is going on and what they need to do.

Who is it for?
If your business sells or provides services, then Solve360 may be worth checking out.

How Solve360 works with Xero
View the invoice history of your contacts in Solve so your client facing team has up-to-date information on previous sales and what invoices are outstanding. You can also create draft invoices from opportunities in Solve and synchronize contacts.

Where you can use Solve360
Solve has customers around the world and pricing is in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Sterling or Euros.

Check it out
Find out more about Solve360 and sign up for a free 14 day trial here.


Tim from FGS
January 2, 2013 at 12.00 pm

Thanks Ronan
Looks interesting and will check it out

Do you know what contact details sync with Xero, how often it syncs and is it a 2 way sync? ie if you change address in Xero, does it update in Solve….& vice versa

Ronan Quirke Xero
January 2, 2013 at 1.40 pm

Hi Tim, in Solve360 you can link a contact to an existing contact in Xero or create a new one. They have a nice field mapping interface so you can link pretty much all the standard fields such as address, phone etc.

It won’t sync changes automatically from Solve360 to Xero – you need to click a button to do this. I don’t believe changes in Xero are update automatically either, though it will show you them in Solve360. They Norada team have put together a great help doc on the integration here:

January 2, 2013 at 4.49 pm

The Xero integration only comes in the $100/mo package, though. That is too pricey.

Gillian Rossouw
January 2, 2013 at 6.22 pm

Wow that is good timing with your blog Ronan – had a potential client contact me this morning, shouting about how cool Solve360 is. Do the contacts synch to Xero once client is set up on Xero. This is going to save me hours of work they are migrating from QB.

Jonathan Rata
January 2, 2013 at 9.32 pm

Their price plans indicate that you need to take their most expensive package to get the Xero integration, that’s a shame.

Ronan Quirke Xero
January 3, 2013 at 7.14 am

@Gillian, happy new year – glad to help!
You can sync the contacts, but if this is a migration from QB I would advise the contacts are exported and loaded into Xero, and then linked to in Solve360 as staff use it – the data in the two could be quite out of sync to start with if they have not been linked previously.

Amanda Linsley
January 3, 2013 at 11.29 am

It’s a great package, very intuitive, simple but has some really good features that can be tailored to individual businesses. I’ve not used it with Xero yet, but have imported and exported data and used for management reporting. The 14 day trial is free so well worth a look.

Gillian Rossouw
January 3, 2013 at 3.33 pm

@Ronan ditto and a Happy New Year to you. Thanks for heads up – will be seeing them next week so will post feedback on progress.

Andrew Collins
January 3, 2013 at 6.18 pm

@Ronan and all, firstly happy new year and secondly a great review on Solve360. Great news that it is now integrating with Xero. A bit of a case of deja vu as I looked at it last week as I am considering changing my CRM for the practice. I was looking for a solution which integrates with Constant Contact which I use for email marketing and it was one on my list. I have just signed up for a trial and have been playing with it over the last couple of days.

My initial thoughts are it is a good integrated application – a combination between a standard CRM / Contact list and a Project Management / Team Collaboration system. If you are using Google Apps the email widget allows you to link emails directly to Solve360 which is far more efficient that the old forwarding/bccing to a dropbox email address (a standard with quite a few CRMs on the market).

I will post further thoughts / comments on Solve360 once I have trialled it further.

@Gillian with respect to syncing of contacts if the client is currently using Google Apps then you can setup a sync directly between Google & Solve360. Alternatively I saved my contacts in a .vcf format and imported them directly into Solve360.

Solve360 Customer Care
January 5, 2013 at 6.15 am

@Reid & @Jonathan Rata
Greetings and thanks for bringing this up. Perhaps I can shed some light on the subject. Over the past year or so, as Solve360 gained in popularity we began to notice that many customers and prospect began asking for more advanced features then they had previously. One of the main things they were asking for was integration with a top notch accounting software. Xero came up in conversation quite often and after much investigation we decided that it would indeed be a great product to invest in. Many of our existing customers were quite happy with the current feature set and their current price however. Wanting to stay true to our original promise to them, we decided to launch a separate plan. As such, those who wanted features like integration with Xero, Webhooks and other “select” features, could have it, without being subsidized by the customers who wanted to stick with the basics. That said, the new plan has been a great success and we’ve been getting some excellent feedback regarding the integration with Xero. To add some perspective, the Select plan is perhaps priced higher than other Solve360 plans, but it is still a bargain compared to other CRMs in terms of value/$. We’d encourage you to visit our site and take a free trial to see what Solve360 is all about and we’d encourage you to contact us with your feedback as well. Cheers!

Carl Benfield
February 2, 2013 at 3.12 am

We’ve been using Solve360 for over two years now and it has been the core of our operation. Using a combination of Google Apps, Toggl (time tracking), Xero, and Solve360, we have been able to offer outstanding project management and customer support. Yes I know we I sound evangelical about it, but it really works for us, the proof of the pudding being that everyone in the company uses it.
The integration with Xero is a really nice premium offering. Those employees who have access to Xero get to see the invoice record of clients from within the Solve360 screen, and set up further invoices if required. The beauty of this seamless integration is that it contextualises all action and conversation without having to duplicate data.
The best part is that the Solve360 team are constantly updating the software and I bet we’ve only just seen the tip of the iceberg on this.

John Astle
April 26, 2013 at 3.02 am

Just an update here – I have been using/testing Solve360 as a sales pipeline solution for my role in Xero and I have to say I am pretty impressed (as a seasoned cloud solution user/tester I am a pretty demanding person in this space it is fair to mention) but that aside it really is very, very interesting. Heads up from Gillian and thanks to her for pointing me in tis direction but it is very good and has great potential in this space. A lot needs to be done for sure but I think this is a very positive porduct that should be watched for sure and certainly considered for a solution for clients.

Donna martin
April 30, 2014 at 4.25 pm

Both Solve and Xero are working well for us (a two person business) but linking them together is way too pricey. I am linking Capsule CRM to Xero in another business for capsule’s lowest base price. I’m wondering if Solve could allow the basic plan options to use this link too. Pretty please, with a cherry on top.

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