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Developer Workshop Wrapup

Posted 6 years ago in Platform by Ronan Quirke
Posted by Ronan Quirke

The Developer Workshop has been an awesome day connecting with the developers and Add-on Partners who bring the Xero API to life.

Over 90 people attended the session in Auckland to hear me and the rest of the API team talk about what’s coming next for the API and give some updates on the Add-on Partner and Developer programs. Then we dove into application security with Xero Security Architect Kirk Jackson.

API Product Manager Tony Rule had some interesting API stats:

  • Over 650 custom applications use the Xero API
  • There are hundreds of thousands of API calls a day
  • 80% of calls retrieve data from Xero

Our Add-on Partner program also had some impressive news:

  • There are now 75 Add-on Partners
  • There are 5,500 add-on connections to Xero organisations
  • Add-on usage has grown 275% since June 2011

Taking a broader look at Xero and the opportunities for technology partners, CEO Rod Drury talked about the New Zealand market and how Australia, UK and USA are also tracking. The country managers for these markets were also on hand to give more info on opportunities for Add-on Partners.

It has been a great day with some great insights from the people behind the Xero ecosystem!


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Robbie Dellow
February 2, 2012 at 11.45 pm

Presume these security questions, which I initially sent to Rod could possibly be directed to Kirk. As an interested IT expat shareholder I was looking fwd to a reply :

I remember reading in a past Xero blog about contingency planning. Xero scheduled to set up additional servers in a different data centre to Rackspace and run as a live site. Has this been done and to what level has this been done? Is this ‘backup’ datacenter in the same city/state/country as currently housed Xero servers? What access do Rackspace staff have to this site or is this accessed by independent personnel.
With regards to a business customers records and the ‘user access’ he can permission. I note from your accounting-software/security/ area on your website that it details, under System Security, that ‘you’ as presumably the Director or named Xero administrator, can give access to your accountant or whoever you choose, access. Does this feature, which is obviously wide ranging implications, have a secondary approval option, whereby another Director also needs to approve same access? Does this also have a event logging feature?
regards xero

Ronan Quirke
February 3, 2012 at 3.15 pm

Hi Robbie

Your questions are not really related to the API developer workshop and have generally been covered in the blog (, our documentation ( and our security page which it sounds like you have already reviewed, but certainly great questions – I will see what extra info we can provide you.

Robbie Dellow
February 6, 2012 at 10.48 am

Thanks Ronan, and yes, I understood my questions regarding security were not exactly pertinent to the topic at hand. Whilst I acknowledge topic around my questions is at the reference points you give, the actual answers are not. imho. Will look forward to a reply to what I see as the ‘archilles heal’ of all cloud computing solutions.

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