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Integrate Salesforce and Xero using Dime

Xero network partner and integration specialist Trineo, has just launched a new product – Dime.

Available on Salesforce’s appexchange, Dime is a Salesforce library that integrates with the Xero API to greatly simplify development between and Xero.

Dime takes care of the heavy lifting by supplying prebuilt code, allowing developers to rapidly create powerful integrations at greatly reduced cost. This makes it accessible to small businesses.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Dime will be updated to accommodate future changes to the Xero API so you can take full advantage of enhancements as they happen without the cost of further development.

You can find more information about this integration here.


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17 January 2011 #

I’ve asked several times if you guys could have a look at a and see if you could integrate here but nobody even bothers to reply to either say if you would even consider the possibility at least.

Wayne Robinson
18 January 2011 #

Pierre, generally Xero rarely write integrations for other platforms however, if you want to integrate your product with Xero you can find the developer docs at

Wayne Robinson
18 January 2011 #

Pierre, additionally, if you’re a Rails developer, you can get a start with either my alpha library Xeroizer at

18 January 2011 #

okay at least I now have a start point. Wayne thanks for the heads-up. I did think you might guys might have been keen to do something here as these guys seem to have a strong following in the States with a large number of small businesses there and I notice your making a major push there. I tried Salesforce and found it way to “heavy” for small business units and I notice Batchbook utilise Freshbooks into their crm. Thanks for the reply anyway.

Owen Evans
19 January 2011 #

@pierre a big influencer over what products we consider for integrations in house is the forum here: Why not head over and vote for an integration?
As you can see ( Batchbook only has one vote so you may want to encourage people to vote it up.

Also any integrations have to be prioritised along with the main development process for Xero so it’s often quicker to get 3rd parties (we have some listed here interested in doing the development or checking out the developer API ( and seeing if you can write an integration yourself.

19 January 2011 #

Owen, thanks for the input. Unfortunately or fortunately this way above my head, so will just cope with what I’ve got now. At least now I get to know how to forward this.

29 June 2012 #

We’re just moving to to avoid the huge increase in price of moving up to enterprise but having access to its power. (and its a great way of getting access to enterprise apps ;)

One thing that I’m thinking about is whether its possible to use the Xero API to bring in monthly sales costs (into a custom object) and then use this to show a real time cost to quote to reps as they decide whether they have qualified a lead or not…

Tony Rule
2 July 2012 #

@Denis – I suggest you have a look over a few of our Add on partner’s options – specifically OneSaas and Trineo to see if they can do what you need. Not sure if you are after a custom integration or out of box solution – .If you get stuck please send some more specific details to so we can assist further.

Mark Adams
16 January 2013 #


This looks great, but lets say I make a sale and my payment terms are 50% upfront on credit card and 50% on 30 day invoice via Xero. From salesforce even though the opportunity is say £1000, can I create an invoice for £500 to cover the payment after the upfront payment? Cheers, Mark

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