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Reconcile Multiple Payments to One Invoice (0:49)


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19 July 2012 #

A couple of things, firstly, this really needs to be re-worked. This method means I have to view account transactions, write them down on a pad, then go to the invoice and enter the transactions manually…. I’m wanting to use Xero to minimize manual paperwork.
Additionally, when I enter the transactions and go back into reconcile, the transactions don’t appear. If I go to ‘find match’, only unpaid invoices appear, this excludes the invoice I’ve just applied payments to as it’s now classed as paid.

29 May 2013 #

I have the same issue… anyone else find a solution for this? Its extremely painful…

Michael Mori
30 May 2013 #

#Billy, have you watched the video clip? There is always an easier way, but that does not take long. You can always use the “Split Payment” function which is quicker., just remember to tick the box on the invoice you want to part pay, only then does the Split function appear in that line.

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