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PayPal Integration (Updated July 2009 to include PayPal feeds) (1:18)


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Mark Richards
19 May 2009 #

I think you should make it MUCH clearer that Zero will not automatically import the purchases I have made using paypal as a payment method.

Rod Drury
19 May 2009 #

Hi Mark. It’s Xero with an X. We are planning to do more with PayPal. Sorry if there was any confusion and we’ll look at our documentation.


20 May 2009 #

Hi Mark – this video is referring to accounts receivables – not purchases. Paypal is still pretty easy to manage in Xero by setting up a new asset account and balancing back to this. It will be great to see more integration with Xero and Paypal in the future.

Catherine Walker
21 May 2009 #

I’ve just reviewed what we have in Help Centre on using PayPal & Xero and made a couple of tweaks to make it clearer that you need to import PayPal transactions into Xero in order to reconcile them with invoices.

How do I accept online payments from my customers?

Thanks for the feedback.

Catherine Walker
4 August 2009 #

We’ve updated this PayPal video now that you can set up a feed from PayPal into Xero so that you can reconcile PayPal payments with invoices. You can still import manually if you wish. In Help Centre we’ve now got a page specifically for setting up PayPal accounts and feeds.

Adding & setting up your PayPal account in Xero

19 January 2010 #

It is very good that It can be integrated with our PayPal account I am now trying to work out how I could integrate it with our merchant account…

6 May 2010 #

Hi XERO – I’ve just discovered via your (great) help team that there isa problem with PayPal / XERO integration – we are using PayPal as our e-commerce payment gateway and trying to adopt best e-commerce practise by only charging customers when we ship goods. PayPal checks their credit cards on order, but doesn’t initiate a charge against the cards until we tell it that the goods have been dispatched.

The PROBLEM is that Xero imports both the initial order authorisation record in PayPal AND the ultimate payment (on dispatch) and hence TWO entries are fed into XERO for each single event.

I’m told the XERO team is working to solve this, but I think you should highlight this issue in your help pages on PayPal feeds.

I look forward to seeing the solution soon (manually having to delete every second entry in imported bank statements is so un-XERO like!


Amy Domican
7 May 2010 #

Hi Hassan, really sorry that this is causing you trouble. We’ve indentified why this is happening and the team are working to get it solved as soon as possible. Our support team will continue to keep you informed via email and if there’s anything else we can do please let them know.

27 May 2010 #

From the help pages “If the transaction was made through PayPal with a credit card or separate bank account it will not show in your PayPal account and you should pick up and reconcile it directly in that account.”

Why is this? If I purchase something using PayPal and there isn’t enough funds in my PayPal account, the money taken from our bank acc or card still goes through PayPal and shows on the PayPal history.

The funds go Credit Card/Bank -> PayPal (-> PayPal alt currency) -> Supplier.

If we only have part of the funds in PayPal, then only the balance needed to complete the transaction will be taken from the bank account. However, Xero still imports this transaction, but only the part where the funding source is the PayPal balance making it even harder to reconcile as the amounts have got to be adjusted.

30 May 2010 #

Xero doesn’t import (via the feed) transactions which have been refunded or reversed BUT it does import the eventual reversal transaction as this is marked as “complete” by PayPal.

Eg somebody pays me $100. Two days later this is refunded. The original $100 received transaction is not imported BUT the refund transaction two days later is. This makes my PayPal balance $100 out of sync and the refund has to be deleted manually making it so that the transaction never occurred.

Alastair Grigg
31 May 2010 #

Hi Darren,
You will have received a more detailed response via email from one of our customer support team. But in brief, these two issues appear to be as a consequence of the PayPal transaction types and status we can currently support with the PayPal import service. We will investigate how we could modify this, possibly with PayPal’s assistance, to better handle these two scenarios.

22 July 2010 #

Any updates on Darren’s questions (particularly the first one)?

Chris M
16 August 2010 #


I think you could do a better job than this. This isn’t integration at all, it’s a poor quality proof of concept demo. It should never have made it into final release as it is completely useless.

Tony Rule
16 August 2010 #

Hi Chris – We will be in contact directly to understand the specific issues you have encountered with the PayPal account integration.

Chris M
30 August 2010 #

Just want to say, Xero got in touch and helped me out a bunch. Basically Xero doesn’t support refunds at the moment, which means if you have a refund issued, only one side of the transaction appears. As long as you are careful, all is well.

Thank you for Xero for the great customer service.

Todd D
5 September 2010 #

Please add my voice to the issue that Darren first raised regarding Paypal refunds being recorded but not the original payment. This would be a good thing for Xero to focus on. Thanks!

Frank O
6 October 2010 #

I am looking to be able to accept payments online from a webpage. I understand you can do paypal from a generated link on the invoice.

Is there a way for us to be able to have a page on our website generate an invoice from xero and then generate the code for paypal for someone to online pay right then?

Basically I’m looking for fully automated website processing. Can it be done now standard or with custom programing? If not, do you have a planned time for something like this? Last, if not do you have a product referral that will fit my need?

3 November 2010 #

I am also wanting to find out about automated website processing as above. Also I noticed on the help pages that it says that the buyer needs a paypal account to pay by credit card through paypal if you have a webpayment standard account. Is this the case as it seems that Paypal help pages say the buyer does not need a paypal account???

[...] 5. Paypal integration with Xero works a dream, no need to import data it feeds in automatically. Paypal video on Xero site (gotta add this to my blog at some stage!) Not sure if LiveAccounts has this. Neat intro to [...]

14 February 2011 #


Wondering if you are going to implement other online payment link such as those for the MIGS server, which I use. This would be great to be able to send an invoice, probably not a pdf, maybe a link to an invoice on a SSL web page and then have a pay now button which takes all the data to the MIGS server, allows payment and then returns them to a paid invoice and consequently updates the Xero accounting records. I don’t use Paypal due to the fees charged and find my merchant account set up much cheaper. I am sure this would be beneficial to others that have online payments set up through web sites and are already paying fees for the MIGS (or similar) service.


P Tuck
21 June 2011 #

Hi there, was there an answer for ‘Frank O’ regarding being able to generate a link that you can put on an invoice that allows people to pay? Would be keen to potentially implement this if it’s possible

Rod Drury
23 June 2011 #

@P Tuck. We can do PayPal links now and have additional ways to pay in the roadmap for later in the year.

5 August 2011 #


I am having trouble integrating PayPal with xero. When I go to give the permissions “New Third Party Permissions” for xero I cannot find the 2 permissions as per the training video – “GetTransactionDetal” and “TransactionSearch”. What PayPal shows me is:

Use Express Checkout to process payments.

Issue a refund for a specific transaction.

Process your customers credit or debit card payments.

Authorise and capture your PayPal transactions.

Create and manage PayPal payment buttons on your website.

Obtain your PayPal account balance.

Obtain information about a single transaction.

Search your transactions for items that match specific criteria and display the results.

Charge an existing customer based on a prior transaction.

Create and manage Recurring Payments.

Obtain authorisation for pre-approved payments and initiate pre-approved transactions.

Accept or refuse a pending transaction.

Issue a refund for any prior transaction.

Initiate transactions to multiple recipients in a single batch.

Dynamically encrypt PayPal payment buttons on your web site.

Consolidate funds from two or more accounts to a master account.

Generate consolidated reports for all accounts.

Use Express Checkout to process mobile payments.

Authorise transactions with Universal Air Travel Plans.

Create and send invoices.

Generate reports for recurring billing and other outstanding orders.

Capture payments in batches.

Run dispute reports and issue batch refunds.

Create and modify accounts, and run reports on them.

Which ones do I check for correct integration?


Tony Rule
5 August 2011 #

@ Kerrin – sorry to hear you’re having a problem with this. We’ll get in touch with you directly to assist.

23 September 2011 #

How do you get Paypal fees to show up as items to be reconciled? It seems like there is only one “Transaction Amount” per line from a csv import so you can only link to the net vs linking to the gross (which would be recorded as Revenue) and linking to the fee (which would be recorded as an expense). I don’t see anything in Help about this?

Emre Akkas
1 October 2011 #

We are trying to leave QB and currently looking for alternatives. Does Xero have an interface that supports direct payment through Paypal? e.g Can I pay a vendor bill via Paypal directly from Xero?

Philip Fierlinger
5 October 2011 #

@Emre at the moment, you can include a PayPal link on your invoices so your customers can pay you.

As for paying your bills directly from Xero, not yet but it’s coming.

14 October 2011 #

To echo Emre about paying a bill in xero from you paypal bank account and then have it sync to paypal for payment will be huge. Do you have a ballpark estimate on timetable? Many thanks

16 October 2012 #

How long should it take for the Paypal integration to start showing up? It’s been all day and still dont see our Paypal balance. Have checked API setup and all looks good.

11 December 2012 #

Adding full customer records from Paypal transactions? Hi, I’ve actually raised a help desk ticket, but think other users might benefit from this question too: a customer buys X product from us, pays using paypal. I can’t seem to find a way to automatically add that customers shipping details: address / telephone number, which they provide into Xero’s Customer contacts.

From an administrative perspective, being able to look up the customer in Xero and confirm the address used for shipping is a huge time-saver. AND it keeps data centralized, instead of across several platforms.

Can you please advise how to do this?

ALSO: paypal reconciliation doesn’t seem to import the product code: i.e.: customer buys Tennis Shoes – Yellow color. In reconciliation / customer transaction notes that Xero imports from Paypal, it doesn’t add that information. From an accounting perspective, it means we have to create different revenue accounts for each product.. That’s a lot of extra work, given that the information is already there in Paypal transaction records. Please advise your thoughts on this too.

Many thanks!

14 December 2012 #

My client has advised that when she linked @PayPal & @Xero she no longer gets the PayPal payment notification emails ? Have you found this to be the case? I am wondering if there is a setting within Xero?

14 December 2012 #

sorry – I meant setting within PayPal?

2 March 2013 #

I have a PayPal account where I receive payments and eventually I transfer the money to a bank account. How can I track this in Xero? The problem is getting the fees right. For each transfer of 500 there is a fee of 2. The statement created by the PayPal feed shows these as two payments, one of 500 and one of 2. In the bank account I receive 498. If I mark a transfer in Xero, I have to make an adjustment (or new transaction) of 2 to match 498 and 500, and this adjustment corresponds to the PayPal fee. But what to do with the payment of 2 in the PayPal statement? Is it ok to just delete it? Somehow it seems wrong from the beginning, because the amount that leaves the PayPal account is 500, not 502. Many thanks, Harri

online inventory software
3 September 2013 #

Thanks, I have been looking for facts about this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve found so far.

1 October 2013 #

Is it possible with the payment option through paypal to include the paypal fee as an extra charge that the client pays?

Stephen Walder
24 October 2013 #

We’ve been using Xero successfully for a while now but 3 months ago we ran into a huge problem when it reached it’s limit on PayPal transactions. We’re now left with alot of information in Xero and seemingly no option to grow any further with Xero.

What would you suggest as a workaround to keep going with Xero, if any?


4 November 2013 #

Hi there,

2 questions to assist with my Xero and Paypal combination
1. How do you force the PayPal feed to retrieve when you want it? The problem I have is that we process our orders to get them fulfilled once a day, and when we do that many of the Paypal transactions have not been imported into Xero yet. They come in eventually but this issue makes the auto import redundant.

2. Is there anyway to import transactions paid by credit card without a paypal account. Otherwise, again the integration becomes less useful as we have to manually enter in payments even though they have been processed by PayPal.


Scott Crosby
26 December 2013 #

Catherine: the link you provided is a “Four Xero Four” (cute)


Adding & setting up your PayPal account in Xero

I’ve just reviewed what we have in Help Centre on using PayPal & Xero and made a couple of tweaks to make it clearer that you need to import PayPal transactions into Xero in order to reconcile them with invoices.

How do I accept online payments from my customers?

Ann Carroll
18 July 2014 #


I am in the process of setting up my e-commerce site on my website. In looking at these comments, it appears that using a squarespace e-commerce sight would work better than paypal for integration. But many of these comments are old. I am waffling because I have used papal for many years. Have these issues been resolved — or will I get the best integration via square and squarespace?

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